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The habit of thinking in scale

There's rarely scale between cause and effect, or problem and solution.

15th December 2011

One of the reasons that conspiracy theories arise is because people struggle to believe that large unforeseen (and often disasterous) events can be without a cause of a similar scale. There must be more to this than it appears, right?

This search for parity of force blinds us and often restricts our thinking. If there's a big problem or issue, surely we need to be looking for a big solution; a new computer system is needed to deal with this, we need more people or eight days in the week. The restructure of a whole department is required or - much worse - the belief that this is all now beyond us (these self-limiting beliefs are more common than you'd ever imagine).

The good news though is that almost always there's little parity between the sizes of issues and the actions required to eliminate or reduce them. A few simple steps or procedures can often produce huge changes in the efficiencies and happiness (motivation) of staff and teams.

Breaking down this thinking in your own mind is one thing. Breaking it down for your staff and your managers takes leadership. Getting them to believe, to act in new ways and constantly evaluate the culture that they're affecting.

Therein, of course, lies your challenge.


(Footnotes: 1, Sometimes this imbalance can mean that for a small outcome you'll need/have a large cause; one to ponder. 2, See here for more on causality.

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I’ve come away with a different view of myself as a leader, my approach to my role, and the teams and people I work with.

Andy Gregory


Our Operations Manager came back noticeably more confident and highly enthused. We’ll be using Impellus’ open training courses again.

Max Campbell

Hot Office Business Centres

Interesting, lively and enthusiastic trainer. I knew very little and left feeling as though I could go forward

Debbie Sharratt

Foster Care Associates

Great trainer, friendly, informative and kept the day interesting. Good material and excellent venue. I found leadership styles, presentation methods and defining communication – the importance of body language and tone – very useful

Tanitia Liddle


This has changed my perspective on what’s actually happening in the business

Chris Hall

Beales Hotel Group

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