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Getting both sides

When you take one side, you're getting the other too. When you avoid one side, the other's left on the table at the same time.

22nd November 2011

Every sword is double-edged; you can't possibly have one side without the other. Every coin has a heads and a tails - one is an automatic flip side of the other. It turns out though that our expectations often are that we can somehow have just one side. It's not so.

Being great friends with all your staff : Finding it more difficult to gain respect and traction

Being authoritarian : Finding it more difficult to make friends with your staff

Working all weekend to create wealth : Giving up the value of your freetime

Creating stunning design : Vocalising the non-believers who don't like it

Innovating for success : Failing some of the time

There's a sense of power in understanding this. Whenever we seek something positive, we should be aware of the flip side of our actions. What's being given up. This is easier for us to see.

More importantly, when we seek to avoid negative situations, you should ask yourself what positive outcome you're giving up for that.

You'll never create great design by trying to please everybody

You'll never avoid failure and innovate

You'll never create one life for yourself without giving another up

What are you avoiding that's holding you back?

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Our Operations Manager came back noticeably more confident and highly enthused. We’ll be using Impellus’ open training courses again.

Max Campbell

Hot Office Business Centres

The trainer was professional, knowledgeable and inspiring, the course material was relevant and practical and I was able to go back to my team with a fresh perspective on leadership

Karen Cameron

Huntingdon Town Council

This has changed my perspective on what’s actually happening in the business

Chris Hall

Beales Hotel Group

Great trainer, friendly, informative and kept the day interesting. Good material and excellent venue. I found leadership styles, presentation methods and defining communication – the importance of body language and tone – very useful

Tanitia Liddle


Interesting, lively and enthusiastic trainer. I knew very little and left feeling as though I could go forward

Debbie Sharratt

Foster Care Associates

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