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The Impellus Ascendancy programme is the world’s only limitless training and coaching programme. It is designed specifically for budget conscious, forward thinking organisations with in excess of 100 employees who want their key staff to continuously perform at their peak.

Ascendancy is a retained services deal that works in a ground-breaking yet very simple way. Firstly you specify one or both Ascendancy programmes, either:

  • Leadership and management training and/or
  • Sales and customer service training

Finally you work out your pricing on straight forward per capita basis (see table below), you place one order and that’s it. You’ve budgeted and procured a fully outsourced training, coaching and performance analysis department who’re at your every beck and call. We organise the training you require on a quarterly basis yet you can still add and change as you go to suit the needs of your organisation as they dictate.

Ascendancy improves organisational performance and slashes budgets producing an outstanding return on investment. It allows HR managers to make better decisions about learning and development programmes because of the fixed-cost nature of the programme and the speed at which ongoing decisions can be made. This in turn allows better support of the requirements of the board and sales and marketing directors allowing them to perform at their very best at all times.

Ascendancy also provides a great solution for dealing with the individual issues that can so often crop up and disrupt an organisation. It gives flexible solutions which relieve pressure on HR and add nothing to your costs.

See the full list of benefits of the Ascendancy programme here


Without limits

Ascendancy is the world’s only limitless learning and development programme. We’ve swapped the dead time of talking, negotiating, trimming back and procuring training, for the evaluation and delivery of outstanding programmes that are specified as you want them without the usual cost constraints. We spend more time delivering for you and less time performing non-productive work.

You agree a plan with your Account Manager each quarter which meets your learning and development requirements and supports your organisation’s plans. We review progress on an ongoing basis as well as conducting full quarterly reviews. Other services including performance analyses or mystery shopping are included too – we’ll help you to use them to your maximum benefit.

See the full list of benefits of the Ascendancy programme here


Maximising performance

Because of the all-inclusive nature of Ascendancy, planning learning and development or performance coaching becomes far easier. Rather than trying to delicately balance the budget you have to play with against the training you so desperately need, we will help you to design exactly the right programme. In fact we’ll do this every quarter without any budget restraints, maximising performance and ensuring you’re consistently getting the most from your Ascendancy programme. We’ll even help you to set KPIs and measure your progress.

See the full list of benefits of the Ascendancy programme here


Choosing your terms

With Ascendancy you can choose between a twelve month programme or a discounted twenty four month programme for maximum benefit. Simply multiply the number of employees in your organisation, at your site, or in your department by the corresponding price and you’ve finished your budgeting. It’s as easy as that.

Should you wish to talk to us about staff numbers, your specific requirements, or how we might treat part-time workers or sub-contractors we would be delighted to answer your questions on 01582 791230 – please ask for Ascendancy sales.

Please note that only organisations with in-excess of 100 employees qualify for Ascendancy.


Current pricing:

  12 months 24 months
Leadership and management £18.95 pc £17.75 pc
Sales and customer service £18.95 pc £17.75 pc



Try Impellus out first If you’ve not used us before, we can even arrange for you to discover how we work before you decide to join Ascendancy with no financial penalty. Call the Ascendancy team on 01582 791230 to find out more.

See the full list of benefits of the Ascendancy programme here

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Our Operations Manager came back noticeably more confident and highly enthused. We’ll be using Impellus’ open training courses again.

Max Campbell

Hot Office Business Centres

Great trainer, friendly, informative and kept the day interesting. Good material and excellent venue. I found leadership styles, presentation methods and defining communication – the importance of body language and tone – very useful

Tanitia Liddle


This has really helped me to understand the dynamics of my team.

Helen Smith


The trainer was professional, knowledgeable and inspiring, the course material was relevant and practical and I was able to go back to my team with a fresh perspective on leadership

Karen Cameron

Huntingdon Town Council

I’ve come away with a different view of myself as a leader, my approach to my role, and the teams and people I work with.

Andy Gregory


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